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We believe that glass is an expression of art and poetry.
Our objects contains a rainbow of colours that takes life within itself, each unique piece finely created maintaining alive the love and craftsmanship pass through the generations by the Venetian masters.

Our handmade creations join a colorful glass selection with gold and platinum. Real jewels, that come with our guarantee certificate of originality. Our brand is stamped in all our creations to certify the quality and exclusivity of our productions.

Our creations are unique, designed by us and crafted manually according to your desires. You are in control, deciding the color and customizing each creation with names, initials, dates or other symbol you wish. We will design and create it to be unique, as the memory you’ll leave in the people you want to present it to.

Our creations are our passion: each object requires at least thirty different handmade processes to finish.

Respect for the environment
We love the environment and care about your and our future: our creations are made using non-toxic materials and painted with natural lead-free colors.

Made in Italy
All of our creations, as well as all accessories, are strictly handmade in Italy. By purchasing our product you are sure to invest in Italy and all Italian companies in our supply chain.

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In 2006 we moved to the new and current headquarters in Pasian di Prato, near Udine. Here, beside the artisan workshop, we have devoted a large area to the exhibition and direct sale of our creations. Customized furniture and accessories, sculptures, centerpieces, cornices, angels, bijoux, but also everyday items such as candle holders, trays and clocks, all characterised by unique shape and decoration, delicate color matching, from the brightest to the lightest, shining in the sunlight. We design each object as a unique creation, which has the same love and dedication that we have been handed down by the great Venetian masters. In all of our glass works we think you can see and feel our passion and our research.

Particolare lavorazione vetro - Gioco di Luce Pasian  di Prato Udine

decorazioni Giochi di Luce Pasian di Prato Udine

Company history

"Since I was a child I always wanted to go to art school, but my family directed me to a different classical education." So Adriana Chiarandini starts to tell the story of her firm which was almost stated by chance and not a path planned during her studies. But passion is very hard to push aside, and the strong attraction for glass as a material to work with was too fascinating to resist. This attraction started in the early years of her childhood and kept increasing stronger as she grew older. At the end of the 80's she learned the art of glass fusion in the workshops of Murano glassmasters, but it was only in 1994 that she founded "Giochi di Luce” transforming her passion in her job. It is in the artisan workshop of Campoformido, a small town near Udine, where she hand-made the first pieces of glass, personalized and often expressly designed for collectors. Since then, the company has grown steadily, expanding its markets thanks to the investment in research and product development, always looking to offer new articles from the interior designers creativity and of the great Venetian school designers. In 1996, the SABO award at the “Salone di Viterbo” consecrated “Giochi di Luce” at national level. In the following years, constant participation in all the major trade shows allowed the company to gain presence in significant foreign markets and to exhibit its creations at various fairs around the world: from Milan to Paris, from San Francisco to San Paolo, from Dubai to Kiev.