marchio giochi di luce - Pasian di Prato Udine - l'arte del vetro

The artisan workshop

The artisan workshop where glass creations take shape is a special place for us, with an history of years of attempts, trials, research and discoveries. One can feel this by walking through the work benches, where you immerse yourself in the more vivid colors that evoke earth and sea with their infinite shades. In this place, you can hear the echo of the tools working on the glass, you can feel the warm of the burning furnaces.

Lavorazione vetro - artigianato - Giochi di Luce - Pasian di Prato Udine

  The technique

Starting from the melt blast furnace, we have developed new processing techniques and our own customized technique, with subsequent stratifications of colorless or pigmented glass. In the first phase the glass is cut and shaped by hand in various shapes. Then individual shapes are decorated and pigmented. The details come, as in a mosaic, merged each other to create the desired object. Afterwards these are placed on special molds – with a specially studied geometry and built by our own with refractory material - and placed in a very high temperature blast furnace. In this way, all the different shapes and parts come together in a single creation and acquire further chromatic characteristics, enhanced by the cooling process. A single object can require up to thirty different handmade processes from cutting to shaping, decorating and positioning.

colori arte del vetro Giochi di Luce Pasian di Prato Udine